Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yes You Can - Make Money Online - Start for Only $3.00 one-time!

Dear Friends,

Yes You Can - Make money Online - Start for Only $3.00 one-time!

You Pay Only $3.00 One -Time and Break Even with Only 2 Sales!

Making Money Online is Not Easy - But It Is a Simple Process!

Spend a Little and Leverage a bit of your Time and Earnings into Ever Larger Payouts!

Step 1.) Join The Easy $3.00 Matrix System ...

Step 2.) Advertise your Easy $3.00 Matrix System website ...

Step 3.) Leverage your earnings from the Easy $3.00 Matrix System by joining some of the other Listbuilders like List -Twister, Mammoth List, etc.

Step 4.) Keep Advertising the Easy $3.00 Matrix System to all of the Listbuilders and Safelists you join, plus set up a blog like mine to help spread the word to all your downlines and online contacts ...

Step 5.) Stay in contact with your Easy $3.00 Matrix System downline team ... Duplicate your efforts by using a Sponsor and Teach approach!

So when people ask, "Can you really make money online?"

The Answer is, "Yes You Can - Make Money Online! - And you Can Start for Only $3.00 one-time!"

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, I look forward to working with you ... let's make some Money together!

your friend and partner in success,

Anthony San Filippo
Proud $3 Matrix System Team Leader

805-740-1321 PST


After more than 10 years of online marketing I have concluded that,
"The Money is In Your Lists!"

** and 80% of my online signups come from these lists!

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