Thursday, December 11, 2008

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Online Marketing Rule #1 - The Money Is In Your Lists!

Dear Friend,

If you have been marketing online for any length of time, then by now I'm sure you have already heard " The Money Is In Your LISTS " ...

My friends this is the Absolute TRUTH when it comes to making MONEY online!!

So one of the FIRST Steps you must take towards your online success is to build Your LISTS - as Your LISTS will become your MOST Valuable ASSET ! The RULE of THUMB states that every NEW member you add to your LISTS will return to you at least $1.00 per month in Residual Income!

So by building your LISTS you are laying a very Solid FOUNDATION for the Longterm SUCCESS and PROFITABILITY of your Online Business!

And you MUST build Multiple LISTS since you can never know what will happen to any one list in a year or two down the road.

I recommend you concentrate on a half dozen or so really Good LIST Builders and from time to time replace any which are not performing to your needs and satisfaction.

My personal favorites include the following:

1.) Join The $3 Matrix System for only $3.00 One-Time ...

2.) The New Plan Network Special Report: How To Turn A Measley $10.75Per Month Into $47,580.00 Or More Per Year Doing What You Are Already Doing... while building your contact list! ...

3.) Join ListQUIK Brand NEW 2x20 listbuilder, ListQUIK will soon become the new industry standard, very HOT! ... I give ListQUIK my highest Recomendation!

4.) Join ListQUIK Lite Brand NEW 3x10 Feeder for ListQUIK ... only $28.95 onetime for a Lifetime Membership ... immediately allows you to mail to 300 random members, win cash and prizes and automatically cycle into the Massive ListQUIK 2x20 - $6.2 Million Dollar Cash Time Bomb!

So there you have it - join ALL of these LISTS and begin establishing your online marketing presence!

I also highly recommend that you create a blog similar to this one. With your links and then include this blog in every ad you MAIL to each of the above LISTS as well as the following highly productive Safelists!

These are the very BEST I have found in all my years of marketing online!
And here my friend, I'll let you in on a little secret, I'm a PAID member at every one of the premium safelists listed below as well as the outstanding Listbuilders featured above! ;-) ... and if you want to put your online marketing into HIGH GEAR, then I would highly recommend that you also join as many of these same safelists and listbuilders as a paid member, as your advertising budget allows!!

* BusinessWorldList ...

* Herculist ...

* Cash4USafelist ....

* Cash-Blaster ...

* GOTSafeList ...

Use ALL of these tools and you will SUCCEED online!!

I started making money online when I began using them about 7 years ago, and have been a fulltime online marketer for the past 6 years.

The KEY to your online success is commitment and persistence. You must be diligent and work with a strong purpose. Include this blog URL in every AD you send to each safelist and listbuilder and as often as your membership level in each program allows! ... and watch your Lists GROW !!

If you have any questions or need any assistance with your online marketing please let me know ... I look forward to working with you ... now let's start building your LISTS and making some MONEY together!

Your friend and partner in success,

Anthony San Filippo
Online Marketing Specialist
Lompoc, California, USA

Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.


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